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Whether it’s your first foray into the dating scene, or just another night out with your significant other, finding the perfect outfit for a date can be a hard choice.It can be difficult to strike the right balance between clothes that reveal far too much, and others that make it seem like you did ...
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This week for “How-To” Tuesday, we’re talking about 50 SHADES OF RED. Almost every woman loves lipstick. As little girls, we all played in our mother's’ makeup without her permission and strutted our stuff in her 5-sizes-too-big high heels and red lipstick. Lipstick single handedly has becom ...
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With back-to-school shopping and the (slightly) lower temperatures, it's becoming clear that summer is finally coming to an end.It's time to bid adieu to your daisy dukes and cropped tank tops, because just as seasons change, so does fashion.Stay in the know with these upcoming looks that epitomize ...
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Although fall may be just around the corner and we’re getting ready to temporarily retire our summer wardrobe, there’s one thing you DON’T have to put away… your BOOTIES. Booties have become a fan favorite for many because they’re stylish, comfortable, and extremely versatile. You asked us ...
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The Rio Olympics are now in full swing, and it’s impossible not to get caught up in the competitive madness.Watching the best athletes in the world sport against each other with such charisma and grace has us down with a serious case of envy.Luckily, we’ve got some Olympic-inspired tips to give ...
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“When it comes to print, few love it and many fear it. So what intimidates most people about print? It’s bright, fun, and adds a little spice to your wardrobe. The scary thing about playing with print is that many fear that doing it wrong may lead to feeling uncomfortable, out of place, etc. So ...
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It's the middle of March and things are heating up! Spring will officially be here March 20th, and with beautiful weather comes pretty dresses.Spring can range from freezing in the morning to wildly hot in the afternoon, so here are 8 dresses that are totally up to lasting through the weather. You c ...
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With an ever-expanding market for perfume and cologne, chances are you get overwhelmed when searching for your next scent. But your style could tell you a lot about what scents you might like! This scent guide can help you find the appropriate scent for each style, from classic to avant-garde.The ...
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The 2016 Academy Awards (also known as the Oscars) were held on Sunday, February 28. Among the event's highlights included host Chris Rock's questionable jokes and Leonardo DiCaprio finally winning an Oscar. But what do people really want to see? The red carpet looks, of course! Here are the best an ...
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A little spring shopping, anyone? This is the first article in a series of two (men's fashion trends are coming up next week) that will help you decide what to look for during that spring shopping spree!Flower PowerFlowers are always a safe choice when it comes to spring and summer trends, li ...
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